CURT Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch Kit 10K 14K lbs 31 5 8in Bars

CURT Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch Kit (10K - 14K lbs., 31-5/8in. Bars)

CURT Light Duty TruTrack Weight Distribution System 5K 8K lbs 35 9 16in Bars

CURT Light-Duty TruTrack Weight Distribution System (5K - 8K lbs., 35-9/16in. Bars)

CURT - R16 5th Wheel Roller

  • Provides 12" of travel for coupling point
  • Adds clearance for making tight turns
  • Tested and rated for 16,000 lbs. gross trailer weight
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A CURT 5th wheel roller provides 12" of rearward displacement, sliding the 5th wheel coupling point back 12" for extra clearance when making tight turns with a short-bed truck. This 16K 5th wheel roller comes with a durable carbide powder coat to ensure the best possibly protection against scratching, chipping, rusting and UV damage, and it has a towing capacity of 16,000 lbs. to be compatible with 16K CURT 5th wheel hitches.

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