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LeaseVille makes it easy to get the brand names you want now and pay over time.


Welcome to; your ultimate destination for the latest in electronics, appliances, gaming, fitness, and more. Shop from the comfort of your home and get the products you want now and make affordable payments over time. You can have your order shipped right to your home or choose in-store pickup from a major retailer near you. You can choose from our early payoff options and after your final payment, you own it, it's that simple.




You Don't Need Credit to be Approved

Approvals are based on your employment, income and checking account activity (see approval requirement below).

We Don't Required a Down Payment

Your first lease payment is due after you received your order. All you pay is an initial payment of $40.00 or less before your order ships.

Own It in 12 Months or Less

You own it after your final payment! The maximum term is 12 months so you can pay off your lease in 12 months or less.

Take Advantage of Our Early Pay Off Options

We have 2 early pay off options available.

  • 90-day early payoff: pay off your lease within 90 days of receiving your order and only pay the invoice amount.
  • 65% of early buyout option: If you wish to own the merchandise outright after 90 days before end of the lease, you may purchase it at 65% of the remaining balance on your lease.

Hot Selling Brand New Products & Quick Delivery

  • Once your lease application is approved, e-Sign your lease agreement and after your initial payment clears, your order is release for shipment or in-store pickup (whichever you choose during checkout).


We have two requirements:




1) Earn at least $1000/month. You must be employed at the same job for at least 6 months, or self-employed or on SSI/VA/Retirement/Long-term Disability.

2) You must have an open and active checking account for 3 months. Your checking account must meet the following conditions:

  • No Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF’s) or Excessive Overdrafts within last 30 days
  • At least $500 of deposits per month & 5 transactions per month
  • No prepaid debit cards  



SHOP - Choose your product(s), select how often you're paid and click checkout 

APPLY & ESIGN - Upon completing the checkout process, simply complete & submit the online lease application. Thereafter, there will be two outcomes:

  • Approved: We will email you the lease agreement to E-Sign.
  • Declined: In this case you do not qualify for our lease to own payment plan.

DELIVER - Once we confirm your order information and collect the initial payment of $40.00 or less, your order will be released. Your next payment will be due on your next payday after you receive your order.

ENJOY - Your order is yours to keep at the end of the lease term or with the early pay off  options.   




  • We simply collect a $40.00 account setup fee before the shipment of your order.