TASCAM DR-40X 4 channel Handheld Recorder

TASCAM DR-40X 4 channel Handheld Recorder

Roland - R-07 2-channel Handheld Recorder


With the pocket-sized R-07 handheld recorder, you're ready to record anything, anywhere — and at an unbelievable quality. Just point the built-in stereo microphones toward whatever you want to record. You'll capture better-than-CD-quality audio straight to a handy SD card. Either play your recorded tracks back and listen with headphones or connect your R-07 to your computer via USB and share your songs, samples, and recordings with your friends. Thanks to the R-07's awesome battery life, you get over 30 hours of continuous playback and over 16 hours of continuous recording. Here at Leaseville, we appreciate the versatility and quality features of the Roland R-07.

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Practicing effectively is crucial to every musician's success. That's why Roland gave the R-07 a bunch of convenient practice tools, making this handheld wonder your one-stop portable solution for all things jamming and recording. You can load WAV and MP3 files on the R-07 and loop a specific region of audio or switch the playback speed without changing the pitch. You'll also appreciate the cool Rehearsal mode that lets you make clear recordings of your band, even when you're playing at high volume levels. The R-07 will auto-set the best recording level and split your songs automatically. You can even record a premium WAV file (for archiving/putting on CD) at the same time you record an MP3 that you can post straight to your band's website.

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