Shure - SCM-810 8-channel Automatic Mixer

Shure - SCM-810 8-channel Automatic Mixer

Shure - SCM268 4-channel Microphone Mixer

Shure - SCM268 4-channel Microphone Mixer

Shure - SCM410 Auto Microphone Mixer


4-channel Automatic Microphone Mixer with IntelliMix technology, Automatic gain adjustment, Automatic Gating, and Feedback Reduction

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Shure SCM410 Automatic Microphone Mixer at a Glance:

  • Shure IntelliMix technology
  • Works with any low-impedance mic
  • Fast, noise-free microphone selection

Shure IntelliMix technology

Ideal for use in sound reinforcement, audio recording, and broadcast applications, the Shure SCM410 features IntelliMix technology that senses what's happening on the input side, and then springs into action, automatically gating unused mics and keeping active channels at optimum levels.

Works with any low-impedance mic

The Shure SCM410 automatic microphone mixer works with any low-impedance mic, dynamic or condenser. Each input channel sports a two-band EQ and three logic terminals. The equalizer reduces unwanted low-frequency garbage and makes different microphone types (lavalier, handheld, boundary, etc.) sound similar. The logic terminals can even be used to control external devices.

Fast, noise-free microphone selection

Shure's SCM410 is a mind reader. Well, not really. If you've got a conference or presentation situation, for instance, with several presenters on separate mics, it's optimal to have mic channels shut down when they're not being used. If you've ever tried to do this manually, you know it's dang near impossible do achieve 100% consistency over the course of a long session. Shure's IntelliMix technology is so quick, it's effectively predictive, automatically adjusting to changes in background noise and jockeying channels to accommodate the program material.

Shure SCM410 Automatic Microphone Mixer Features:

  • Increases the clarity and intelligibility of speech
  • Dramatically reduces feedback, reverberation, and comb filtering
  • Automates several rigorous operator functions
  • automatically adjusts to changes in background noise
  • Automatic gain adjustment as additional microphones are activated
  • Last Mic Lock-On circuit maintains ambient sound
  • Any low-impedance dynamic or condenser microphone (including wireless) can be used with the SCM410
  • Plug and play - minimizes set up time
  • Frees up channels on the mixing console
  • Adjustable EQ for each channel
  • Interfaces with Crestron control systems
  • Fits in half-rackspace
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