Ibanez - Artstar AM153QA - Dark Brown Sunburst

Ibanez - Artstar AM153QA - Dark Brown Sunburst

Strandberg - Sälen Jazz - Natural


Jazz by name and jazz by nature, Strandberg’s Sälen Jazz is a fantastic first entry into the world of semi-hollow instruments for the Swedish instrument manufacturer. At its core sits a semi-hollow mahogany body capped with maple and a mahogany veneer. These tonewoods produce a standout sound compared to other Strandberg models, with a fullness and clarity that are ideal for jazz and any other setting that calls for clean, articulate playing. The Sälen Jazz’s body is accented by two versatile Classic humbuckers along with Strandberg’s trademark headless design and EndurNeck profile, adding considerable durability and comfort. This axe’s upper register is easily reached thanks to its bolt-on construction and a low-reaching single-cut, with a rosewood multi-scale fingerboard ensuring fast playing across all 24 stainless steel frets. Many of today’s most innovative guitarists employ Strandberg guitars for all of their needs — pick up yours today and experience firsthand what this musical machine can do!

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As an instrument manufacturer known for their ingenuity and groundbreaking designs, it was inevitable that Strandberg would take their headless workhorses into the semi-hollow realm. The Sälen Jazz is the first semi-hollow guitar in their lineup, catered to jazz and fusion players with enough versatility to handle genres and playing styles of all kinds. Its mahogany body sports a sprightly maple top with a striking mahogany veneer. This tonewood combination imbues the Sälen Jazz with plenty of the warmth and clarity necessary for intricate single-note lines and ringing complex chord shapes.

The Sälen Jazz’s headless design removes mass from the headstock for lower weight and improved balance, so you can play marathon sets in total comfort. On the other end, Strandberg’s custom bridge hardware makes an important contribution to the tone of the instrument. Made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, the EGS 5 Rev5 bridge’s tight component coupling ensures that all the strings’ vibrations are optimally transferred to the tonewoods.

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