Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Is LeaseVille real and legit? is an online lease-to-own shopping platform that provides an alternative to traditional financing methods. The lease-to-own option allows customers to enjoy using a product while gradually paying for it over time and owning it after leasing it for 12 months.  With LeaseVille, you can lease the products you want without breaking the bank or having good credit. Established in 2009, currently headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and boasts an impressive A+ rating with both Better Business Bureau & Business Consumer Alliance. We specialize in providing rent/lease-to-own solutions on smart phones, computers, tools, appliances, and furniture, meaning you no longer have to wait around - bring home what matters today.
How Does LeaseVille Work?
See How does work?
Does LeaseVille run credit?
Our lease approval is no credit needed. Our approval is mainly based on your income, the health of your bank account, plus other identity-related information, which means it's okay if you have bad credit; even we may check creditworthiness from an alternative credit agency (not the major credit bureau) to determine the approval decision and the lease limit.
Do I need good credit to apply for a LeaseVille account?
No, you don't.
Where do I find LeaseVille Customer Reviews?
You can read about our customer experiences and feedback on Google Reviews, LeaseVille Reviews or Better Business Bureau, and eKomi, an independent and transparent review collection and management service.
Can I get items like iPhone and MacBook now and make payments?
Absolutely! LeaseVille specializes in providing an affordable solution to get what you need today and pay as you go. Unlike traditional loans or financing, our no-credit is needed. The rent/lease-to-own option is no debt and no commitment, which means it does not show up as debt on your credit report, and you are never locked in. You can own, return, or upgrade anytime; no headaches, no long-term contract, more spending power, and more freedom.
Is iPhone from unlocked? Can I use it with any carrier?
Yes, the iPhone from is unlocked, which means you can use it with any mobile carrier (please see phone description for more details). The iPhone is out of the box freedom of carrier (not locked to any specific network, both GSM/CDMA); however, once the carrier SIM card is inserted and activated, depending on the carrier,  the phone can be locked to that carrier through the duration of the service period.
Are’s products New or Used?
All products on are brand new and factory-sealed. We DO NOT sell used products, ever.
What is the interest rate?
This is a month-to-month rental agreement with an option to own, not a financing plan, so there's no interest rate. The rental payments specified in your lease agreement are fixed and all-inclusive. Should you choose to own the item instead of just renting, all rent payments will contribute towards the ownership price.
How do I contact LeaseVille?
Please use this link to send us an inquiry online. You may also contact our Support Team by emailing [email protected] or calling us at 888-428-5520 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST). For payment related inquiries, you may email [email protected] or call our Payments Team at 855-788-8908 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST).


What is your lease approval process?
During the checkout of your selected products, you will be asked to submit a quick and easy no-credit-needed application. Get a decision within 30 seconds. If you are approved, review and E-Sign your agreement. Once your first two weeks' rent payment is processed, your order will be processed for shipment or in-store pick up at a major retailer near you.
How quick is your approval process?

The application decision is instant. Some approvals may require manual review for verification purposes; in these instances, you will receive a decision within one business day via email.

What information do you need for the application?

Everything we need can be found on our application form, which includes corresponding contact information, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, income, and Banking Information. Sometimes, we may request additional information to verify your identity, address, or income.

How long do I have until my approval expires? 

Your lease approval is valid for 60 days. Within this time frame, log onto our site and, sign into your account, eSign the order you want for the shipment. If you want different or additional items, place a new order without the need to complete the application again. After 60 days, you must submit a new application for approval.

I don't have good credit. Will I still get approved with

We are proud to offer a no-credit-needed lease to own, which means your application will not impact your credit score. Good credit is not needed for approval. Your income and bank account's health are the main factors in our approval decision. You must have a steady income of $2000 or more for the last six months and an active checking account in good standing (without insufficient funds or excessive overdrafts). The bank account must also be open for at least six months. Please note all approvals are subject to verification.


How long is my lease for?
What we offer are affordability and flexibility. You can rent-to-own by making 26 bi-weekly rental payments (12 months) or buy out early and save up to 50%. All rental payments apply to the ownership of the item(s). You can also rent month to month, return the item(s) and cancel your lease anytime. You are never Locked in.
How long does it take to receive my product?
Once your first-period (2 weeks) rent payment clears, we will release your order for in-store pickup at a major retailer near you or shipping (depending on what option you choose during checkout).
Is any down payment required?
Leaseville does not charge down payments, but the first 2-week rental payment needs to clear before the shipment of your order.
Does the rent I paid apply to the ownership of the product?
Yes, it does.  You have a couple of options to own: rent as you go, after rent for 12 months, the ownership of the item will be automatically transferred to you, and no more rent payments after that. You can also buy out early anytime and save 50% of the remaining ownership lease payments. Not only is there no early buyout penalty, but the sooner you buy out, the more you will save. Please note that all rental payments apply to your item(s) ownership.
How soon after my order is shipped can I place a new order?
You can place a new order anytime as long as your new order is within the approved lease limit.


Can I buy out early? Is there any early buyout penalty?
Yes, not only is there no early buyout penalty, but on the contrary, the sooner you buy out, the more you save. We have 100-day same as cash (the most saving) and an early buyout option (save 50% of remaining lease-to-own payments).
How do I make my payments?
Your first 2-week rental payment will be charged to the debit/credit card you input on your application. The future rental payments will be deducted from your checking account. We accept all major debit/credit cards. Pre-paid or reloadable cards are not accepted.
Can I make my payments online?
You can pay your early buyout payment, or make up any missed payments, by following the steps below:
My Account --> My Orders --> Select your order --> View Payment Information
If you have any questions, contact our Payment Department by emailing [email protected] or Calling 855-788-8908.
When will my payments begin?
The first period (2-week) rental payment is required before your order ships or gets processed for in-store pickup (depending on which option is chosen during checkout). Your payments will then continue after you receive your item. These payments will be auto-deducted from the checking account on file. You will be notified of your payment schedule, via email, within ten business days of receiving your order.
What happens if I don't pay LeaseVille?

Keep in mind that while you are renting items from, the property belongs to them until you complete the lease-to-own process or opt for an early buyout. You have the option to cancel the lease at any time, but upon return, the items must include all original parts and be in good, resalable condition. Failing to return the items upon termination of the agreement, or not making prompt arrangements with us, leaves you liable for continued rental payments and could lead to several repercussions.

  • Repossession: LeaseVille may repossess the merchandise if payments are missed.
  • Credit Impact: The merchandise remains LeaseVille's property until fully paid off or buyout early. Non-payment might lead to a lien on your credit report.
  • Loss of Purchase Rights: You lose the right to purchase the leased item.
  • Late Fees: Failing to pay within 7 days of the due date incurs a late fee plus the rental payment.
  • Reinstatement Option: You can reinstate a defaulted lease by clearing overdue amounts.
  • Legal and Collection Costs: You'll bear costs incurred by LeaseVille for recovering their property or dues.


What is eSIM?
An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without requiring a physical SIM.
  • What Does eSIM Let You Do? Simply put, eSIM lets you change your wireless carrier, data, or service plan through software. On eSIM devices, in general, you can go to a menu or take a photo of a QR code to change your carrier or service plan on the fly. You don't need to go to a store, wait for the mail, or fiddle with a tiny chip. You can also often use two different lines on the same device, such as a home and work line, or switch between different plans depending on your location.
  • eSim Setup: You can easily swap between the network on your eSIM and the one on your physical SIM at any time by going into ‘Mobile Data > Data Plans (Apple devices) or Connections > SIM Card Manager (Samsung devices)’ in your phone’s settings and switching between the two. You can also store more than one eSIM profile, although you can only use one profile at a time.
  • How does eSIM work? The steps for using an eSIM are roughly like this: 1. Order an eSIM plan from a carrier’s website or app. 2. You’ll receive a QR code and additional information from the carrier by email or generated on their website/app. 3. Scan the QR code or enter the information to activate your eSIM.
If you are unsure how to set up the eSIM on your device, you can check out our eSIM instruction page by clicking here.
When does my order ship, and where does LeaseVille ship to?
Once your first rent payment clears, your order will be released for shipment or store pickup (depending on the chosen option during checkout). Please allow 3-5 business days to deliver your product(s). Large items may take longer to ship. We ship to 46 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship large items such as TVs, Fitness, and Major Appliances to Alaska and Hawaii. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Minnesota, New Jersey, Vermont, and Wisconsin.
Do your unlocked devices (such as mobile phones) work overseas?
If your device, such as a mobile phone, is activated in the U.S., you should be able to use it overseas (check your cell phone company and plan for details). However, you may not be able to activate a phone overseas as it may be restricted to only being activated in the U.S.
What is White Glove Delivery?
Delivery agents will unload and place your items in the room of your choice. White glove delivery service generally includes 15 minutes of unpacking, removal/disposal of packing materials, and transporting your item(s) up or down a maximum of two flights of stairs.
How are large products, such as major appliances and TVs, delivered?
Major appliances and TVs with a 26” or greater screen size are delivered via White Glove Delivery. Most other products are shipped via UPS or FedEx. Once your item(s) ship, you will receive an email containing tracking information.
What are the delivery times for White Glove Delivery items?
Delivery times are scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and will be scheduled as a 4-hour window. Upon delivery, please inspect the item(s) carefully. If you notice any damage to the product, please note on the Proof of Delivery receipt, refuse delivery, and contact us immediately.
Will you contact me before delivery?
Yes, for larger items, a delivery representative will contact you by phone to arrange a time slot for the delivery. With the delivery of smaller items, we will contact you with tracking information via email once the item(s) ship from our vendor(s).
Where can I pick up my Item if I select in-store pickup?
For in-store pick-ups, we work with major vendors such as Best Buy and Home Depot. If your item is available at a local store near you, we will process your order for in-store pickup once the first payment clears. We will email you with pick-up instructions and the store's address once your item is available for pickup.
PLEASE NOTE: In-store pick-up is dependent on item availability at the time of placing the order with the major retailer near you. Once your first rent payment clears, you will be notified whether in-store pick-up is available for your order. If the item is unavailable for pick-up within 25 miles of your home, we will ship your order at no additional charge.


Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order anytime. If your order is canceled before the shipment, you will receive a full refund for your rental payment. After delivery, if you are not satisfied with your item or want to end your lease early, simply email [email protected] or call us at (310) 231-6838. When returning your item(s), they must include all original parts and be in good, resellable condition.
What if my product is damaged or defective, or I haven't received my merchandise even though the tracking number shows it as delivered?
Please contact us immediately at [email protected] or 310-231-6838. All damages must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. All shipping claims must also be reported within 24 hours. If you report 'non-receipt' of merchandise after the 24-hour window, we may not be able to file a shipping claim on your behalf.
What to know when returning an iPhone
In the event you need to return your iPhone to LeaseVille, the following criteria must be met otherwise, your return could be rejected.
  • Contact your carrier to have the carrier lock removed
  • Must include all original parts and be in good, resellable condition
  • Remove your existing SIM card
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Verify and ensure all personal information and your iCloud account have been removed.
Will I be charged during my return?
A return label is issued to you within 1-3 business days of a return request and expires after 10 days. Once your item/s shows in transit on the provided return information, your rental payments will be paused until your return is complete. To finalize the return, your item(s) will be inspected and must include all original parts and be in good, resellable condition. If the item/s do not show in return transit, rental payments will continue to be processed as scheduled.


Is my personal information safe?
LeaseVille is vigilant about your privacy (see our privacy policy). We never sell your information to anyone! Our customers' personal and transactional information is hosted on AWS, the most secure global infrastructure, and has been purpose-designed to meet the world's most stringent security checks.  It has 24/7 server monitoring, and all data flowing across the global network is automatically encrypted before it leaves Amazon-secured facilities. It is the most secure, extensive, and reliable Global Cloud Infrastructure.  Online merchants are now also  required to demonstrate that they comply with the highest levels of payment information security to process secure monetary transactions. We also employ these same standards on all recurring transactions, so all of your personal information is safe. We also take ID Theft & Fraud very seriously. Our advanced Fraud Detection technology will screen all orders before shipment to validate your identity and prevent identity theft.