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Frequently Asked Questions

About the company

Who is LeaseVille.com?
How Does Our Program Work?
Are Leaseville.com’s products New or Used?
What is the interest rate?

Approval Process

What is your lease approval process?
How quick is your approval process?
What information do you need for the application?
How long do I have to complete my purchase before my approval expires?
I don’t have very good credit, will I still get approved with LeaseVille.com?

Order Processing

How long is my lease for?
How long does it take to receive my product?
Are there any fees or down payments?
Do I own the product?
How soon after my order was shipped can I place a new order?

Billing and Payment

Can I pay off early?
How do I make my payments?
When will my payments begin?

Products and Shipping

When do my product(s) ship and where do you ship to?
What is White Glove Delivery?
How are large products, such as LCD TVs delivered?
What are the delivery times for White Glove Delivery items?
Are you going to contact me prior to delivery?
Where can I pick up my Item if I select in store pick up?

Returns and Refunds

Can I cancel my order?
What if my product is damaged or defective or what if I haven't received my merchandise even though the tracking number shows it as delivered?


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*Payment Information: The payments displayed are the best payment plan available. Your payments may vary depending on the option that you are approved for. Once you are approved, your exact payments including any applicable taxes will be displayed on your lease agreement for you to review and eSign. All orders are subject to verification.

**Early Payoff Options: You can qualify for up to 120 days same as cash.  After this period, if you pay off your lease early, you will qualify for early payoff discounts. The sooner you pay off, the more money you save.