Shop thousands of top selling electronics, appliances, fitness equipment, furniture and more. Simply add the item(s) to your cart, register your account and continue to checkout
At the end of checkout, fill out our online application and get a decision instantly. You can qualify for a spending limit up to $3,500.
Once you're approved, proceed to review and eSign your lease agreement. After you eSign and the initial payment clears, you're all set. We will email you pick-up or delivery instructions
After you receive your order, the periodic rental payments will start. Rent it as you go, own it with the final payment or early buyout, or return & cancel the monthly contract anytime.


Why LeaseVille?

LeaseVille is your premiere online rent-to-own store offering the hottest products you need today without having to buy them outright or need good credit. We headquarter in Los Angeles, CA, and are very proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 4.5 Star Google rating - we've worked hard every day to earn the trust of our happy customers.

How LeaseVille Rent to Own Works? 

Rent As You Go. No Debt, No Commitment, and No Credit Needed*.

Unlike buying on credit, LeaseVille offers a monthly rental with the option to own. The lease wouldn't show up on your credit report as debt, plus you can return the item(s) and cancel your contract anytime. It's a very affordable and flexible way to access name brand products you want today.

No credit? Bad credit? No problem. Your job and bank account are your credit with us. The approval is no credit needed* and your application will not affect your FICO score. Approval is not guaranteed; however, no established FICO or credit history is needed. Our minimum approval requirements include a steady income of at least $1,200/month for the last six months and an active checking account (non-prepaid) in good standing.

After submitting your order and secured application, you will receive an approval decision up to the $3,500 limit within seconds. If approved, you can review your exact payment information on your lease agreement before eSign and finalizing your order. 

Rent to Own, Buyout Early, or Rent Month by Month. Your Choice.

Our lease program is all about options and flexibility; you are never locked in. Rent-to-own or return/cancel anytime without penalty. With our no-commitment rent-to-own program, the ownership price would be higher than if you buy outright via retail. But if cash flow, flexibility, and a no-credit-needed application are important for you, this is an excellent option. See the ownership options below for details.

All rental payments apply to the ownership of your item(s). You can rent as you go and own it with one of the three options below.

Most Savings: 100-day price.  Buy out within 100 days for the most savings.

Significant Savings: After 100 days, buy out anytime and only pay 50% of the remaining lease balance. For example, if your lease-to-own balance is $800 and you want to buy out early, you will only pay 50%, which would be $400. 

Most Affordable: If you don’t want to buy out early, no problem!  Lease as you go; after 26 bi-weekly on-time rental payments, you own it!

In-Store Pickup or Quick Delivery

Once you are approved, E-Sign your agreement, and the initial lease payment clears, your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days or set for in-store pickup at a major retailer near you (depending on what you chose during checkout & the availability of the item at the store near you). If you select in-store pick-up, we will find a major retailer near you and email you the pick-up information, usually within one business day. If a shipping option is selected, as soon as your order ships, we will email you the tracking information for your order. 

Quick and Easy. Safe and Secure resides in the world's best ecosystem of global security partners and solutions, which means we are protected with the most secure infrastructure and comprehensive security and compliance controls. We are vigilant about data security and your privacy and will never sell your data. PERIOD.