Insta360 - ONE R Dual-Lens 360 Mod

Insta360 - ONE R Dual-Lens 360 Mod

Insta360 - ONE X2

Insta360 - ONE X2

Insta360 - One X Camera (New Packaging)

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Ive had this a few weeks now, and been pleased with its ease of use in the field, and the mobile app. 1080 extracts have been very high quality. The desktop app is still not suitable, but they seem to be working on it. The spare batteries, and selfie stick, and other accessories arent shipping yet, so that is a minor frustration. But I popped it on a long pole and executed some drone-like shots that I could not have gotten any other way. We cant afford the 8K pro...

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The reviews on this camera have been Disneyfied :). What I mean by that is people have been paid to give it good reviews. The Insta360 One X takes about 2 to 3 seconds to take a picture and Theta S takes it almost instantly. The Insta360 One X gets warm/hot after a few pictures and it gets warm/hot quicker if it is connected to your phone through a Wi-Fi. There are no issues similar issues with the Theta S. Even though the Insta360 One X takes pictures at a hi...

Excellent camera and very light weight. It's nice that it connects to a standard tripod. Comparedto the GoProMax, I love the simplicity and usability of the Insta360 phone app that easily lets you change the camera settings. I had no difficulty setting up the connection to my phone. You can quickly switch between default, HDR, and RAW mode, providing various options as a photo editor. This camera definitelyworks better in well lit areas. You can achieve fantastic resolution with the proper settings and post editing techniques. I would highly recommend!

I have the Insta360 One X mounted on the triple-clamp behind the windshield on a 2020 S1000RR to get 360 video - forward, TFT console, body position, etc. I'm having two significant problems: 1. Vibration occasionally shuts off the camera (crashes). I think there's a momentary power disconnection from the battery connectors. Worse than merely ending the recording is that the current video file isn't properly closed and left corrupted/unusable. Horrible. 2. The camera automatically closes and shifts to a new file after 30 minutes of recording. The problem is that this takes time and it creates a 6-second (about) gap in the video. Problem 1 is the killer - the recording not only stops but I lose the existing video due to the file not being properly closed and thus corrupted uselessly. It gets worse with time. I've had the camera replaced once already and am about to RMA it a second time. An action camera needs to withstand vibration.

This camera is surprisingly good. I use it with matterport and an iPad.

It takes a good 360 video and photo but has a serious reliability problem. It works ok as long as the video clip is short. Once you exceed few minutes for continuous shoot, the camera starts to overheat, and get stuck in saving mode, never finish writing a proper video file to play back, leaving large but useless video files on SD card. A quick search insta360 one x saving stuck, find many other One X users are having the exact problem. It's a cute toy but don't rely on capturing you important and memorable moment or you will be very disappointed.

I purchased this camera for the third time while my other one is having the two scratched lenses repaired by Insta360. The first one had a scratched lens as well and at that time you had to mail the camera back to Hong Kong to have it repaired. Now they have repairs in the US so it's much cheaper to have them fixed. The camera does a great job with GSV. I wish they would make the GPS Smart remote again, I fly this camera from the DJI Inspire and you must have two phones to capture GPS while in the air.

Pros- Great optics, Great shooting modes, Battery time- acceptable, Accessories are available and easy to use . Cons- Not built for extreme action (like snowboarding), Panel is difficult to read while out there.

A hugely over-rated camera. Cropped to 1080 the video, the video looks patchy and not great. But worse is the connection to iphone is unreliable, (keeps dropping the connection) and the software to control camera settings is very poor, difficult to follow and one cannot know for sure what setting is being used when shooting. There is fault finding solutions on the app, but complex procedures is an understatement. Be prepared to spend a lot of time fiddling to get the footage you want. My first shoot, only one shot out of seven was what I wanted. Preparing for a second shoot, and now thinking perhaps I just won't bother and sell the thing on ebay.

Poor battery life

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