Lensbaby Spark 2.0 w/ Sweet 50 Optic - Nikon F

Lensbaby Spark 2.0 w/ Sweet 50 Optic - Nikon F

Lensbaby Spark 2.0 w/ Sweet 50 Optic - Sony E

Lensbaby Spark 2.0 w/ Sweet 50 Optic - Sony E

Lensbaby Spark 2.0 w/ Sweet 50 Optic - Nikon Z

  • Z-Mount Lens/FX Format
  • Aperture Range: f/2.5 to f/22
  • Lensbaby Optic Swap System
  • Flexible Body with Tilt up to 30°
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Anita Kram Explores the Magic of Nature with Lensbaby Lenses

Reminiscent of the very first Lensbaby lens, the Spark 2.0 is a flexible lens body designed for use with Nikon Z-mount cameras and to be used in conjunction with the Optic Swap System. This Spark 2.0 is delivered with the Sweet 50 optic, which provides a clear sweet spot of sharp focus that is surrounded by a smooth blur, which can be adjusted depending on how the lens body is positioned. The Spark 2.0's accordion-like design permits nearly unrestricted tilt range, up to 30° in any direction, and requires the distinct squeeze-to-focus movement to manually adjust focus. The Spark 2.0 and Sweet 50 combination also avails an f/2.5-22 adjustable aperture range, 12-blade diaphragm, and a minimum focusing distance of 1.1' for working with close-up subjects.

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Spark 2.0

Nikon Z lens mount.

  • Flexible, accordion-like body design resembles the Original Lensbaby from 2004 and enables tilting the optic up to ~30° in any direction.
  • Unique squeeze-to-focus, squeeze-to-tilt design requires a fun "dance-like" process of achieving sharp, selective focus with creative distortions and blur.
  • Accepts various optics from the Optic Swap System.
  • Permits focusing as close as 1.1' away.
  • Metal lens mount for improved durability and rigidity.

    Sweet 50 Optic

    Normal 50mm focal length provides a comfortable and natural field of view.

  • Unique rendering delivers a precise sweet spot of focus surrounding by a characteristic blur. The quality, sharpness, and size of the in-focus area can be controlled by adjusting the lens body.
  • Besides adjusting exposure, the f/2.5 to f/22 aperture range can also be used to adjust the size of the sweet spot of focus.
  • A 12-blade diaphragm contributes to a smooth, pleasing bokeh quality.
  • Doublet lens construction uses two elements in one group, and both elements have a broadband, anti-reflective multi-coating to resist flare and ghosting for increased contrast and color accuracy.

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