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Sony - WHCH720N Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones - Black

Sennheiser - HD 660S2 Wired Over-the-Ear Headphones - Black

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HD 660S2

Despite the HD 660S’s standing as one of the world’s most popular audiophile headphones, some customers nevertheless wanted one very specific enhancement: even deeper bass. Because whether it’s a thunderous crescendo of timpani or the pulsating beat of electronic dance music, there is nothing like accurate, powerful sub bass to infuse your listening with drama. Audiophiles—and anyone looking for comfortable, non-fatiguing, high-end headphones—can now get even more impact and emotion from the HD 660S2. The headphone’s warm, relaxed tone is reflected by their timeless styling with elegant bronze accents. With its open-back design and outstanding comfort, the HD 660S2 is also destined to be a favorite for long listening sessions. The new version builds on all the strengths of its formidable predecessor. The same world-class precision and resolution still let you pick out individual instruments like with no other headphone. Or experience the joy of discovering new sonic details in recordings you’ve known for years—now underscored with more and deeper low end. Indeed, the standard-setter for extended listening has now become the standard-setter for extended bass as well. Enhancing this heralded audio design without detracting from its many strengths was, however, a daunting task. So, our engineers set out to systematically identify and exploit every opportunity in their quest to improve on the acclaimed HD 660S design. We adjusted the compliance of the surround, for instance, dropping the resonance frequency to 70 Hz. Considerable effort went into optimizing the airflow around the transducer. The coil in the HD 660S2 has also been revised to match the legendary HD 600 & 650, resulting in an impedance of 300 ohms. The new coil also exhibits much higher magnetic force and electrical damping for cleaner impulse response. It also increases sensitivity over the entire frequency spectrum by using the magnet’s air gap more efficiently. Taken together, these efforts and more have paid off in spades. Sound pressure at the lowest octaves has doubled. Now, you can feel the music more than ever before—with all the depth and weight that ultra-low frequencies invoke. The lowest A on the piano (27.5 Hz) or the pounding root note of a bass drum (45-60 Hz) are just as big, expansive, and imposing as if they were live. The unique combination of impactful bass combined with the warm tuning and smooth treble will be a revelation for audiophile listeners. It’s an even better way to lose yourself in comfortable, non-fatiguing, high-end sound—while feeling its full low-end power.

Natural, relaxed, high-fidelity sound with extra sub bass

Optimized surround and diaphragm with new voice coil with 300-ohm impedance

Exceptional comfort and build quality

The open-back design offers exceptional breathability for long listening sessions

38mm high-performance transducers built in Ireland

Steel mesh damping follows the driver’s geometry to control air displacement, while the magnetic yoke includes milled air vents for optimal ventilation, which minimizes distortion

Frequency response

8 Hz - 41,500 Hz

Detachable cables

6.3mm & 4.4mm, + 3.5mm adapter. 1.8m cable length for comfortable desktop use

More Information

Sound Isolating


Color Category


Minimum Frequency Response

8 hertz

Connection Type


Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

2 years


104 decibels adjusted

Sound Mode


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

2 years

Model Number

HD 660S2

Adjustable Headband


Headphone Fit


Total Harmonic Distortion

0.04 percent

Connector Size

1/4 in. (6.35mm)



Maximum Frequency Response

41.5 kilohertz

Product Name

HD 660S2 Wired Over-the-Ear Headphones




300 ohms

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